LED lighting system with control lights (RFP5)

LED lighting system with control lights (RFP5)

The RFP5 from Meyton is the perfect solution for the 25m Rapid Fire Pistol discipline. With its built-in control lights, consisting of two powerful diodes safely located behind the robust and translucent impact protection plate of the LED lighting system, the RFP5 meets all the requirements for this discipline.

The LED Lighting system for the MF5R1 "BLACK MAGIC" consists of a mountable lighting box with an attached protection plate made of special synthetic material. In total 96 LED diodes mounted on the inside of the lighting system ensure an even, shadow-free illumination of the target. The brightness with maximum luminosity of 2500 lux can be conveniently regulated electronically. The low energy consumption of the LED is an active contribution to environmental protection.

Product details for LED lighting system with control lights (RFP5)

  • 96 LED ensure an even, shadow-free illumination of the target
  • brightness adjustable in 255 levels
  • color temperature (warm-white / cool-white) adjustable in 255 steps
  • energy-saving on/off logic (by coupling with electronic target)
  • electronically adjustable from the athlete's point
  • individually adjustable for each lane and/or for the entire shooting range
  • safety through an impact protection plate for all air-rifles and air-pistols
  • easy mounting - hook up and connect

The LED lighting system is also available in the version without built-in control light for every 10 meter discipline.

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