PLT2 hybrid Precision Laser Target

PLT2 hybrid Precision Laser Target

The next level of shooting sports: the PLT2 Precision Laser Target. Precision Laser Targets have already become an indispensable part of shooting sports due to their versatile application possibilities.

The PLT2 hybrid precision laser target is the clever way to combine traditional shooting with physical projectiles and modern laser shooting in one target device. Switching between the disciplines is convenient and simple, as it works without any cumbersome assembly and disassembly.

Product details of PLT2 hybrid Precision Laser Target

  • reliable detection and evaluation of a coded laser
  • compatible with laser rifles and laser pistols with UIPM standard
  • can also be used for LP5 due to adjustable PLT2 hybrid unit
  • integrated, dimmable taget illumination
  • automatic calibration on every switch-on
  • proven technology, even under extreme weather conditions
  • automatic shot display and storage
  • verified bullet proof: no assembly and dismantling necessary anymore
  • fully compatible with our Meyton electronic target systems
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